15 eCommerce Ideas to Increase Sales on Black Friday & Cyber Monday

With the holiday season fast approaching, you’re already thinking about your Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales strategies.

Even though Black Friday and Cyber Monday have been around for a while, some businesses are still new to them.
But, with these 15 ideas and strategies, you can set up for these annual sales events.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday:15 Ideas, Tips and Strategies to Increase Ecommerce Sales

I hope you are ready for a great holiday season. In this article, I will share with you 15 ideas and strategies to increase your eCommerce sales using Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Host an online Christmas sale

  • Get the word out about your sale. You must let people know about your sales event so they can plan their shopping around it. Make sure you use social media channels and email marketing to reach as many potential customers as possible.
  • Make sure you have enough inventory to meet demand. Suppose you don’t have enough stock to meet shoppers’ demand during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. In that case, your sales will be somewhat disappointing—or even disastrous if there are technical issues with your website or payment processing infrastructure.
  • Make sure your website is ready and optimized for mobile users. Since half of all online traffic comes from mobile devices, this is crucial!

Put up a countdown timer.

The timer is a great way to keep customers engaged with your sales and product pages.

A countdown timer builds excitement, which can lead to increased sales.

It also lets you track how much time is left in your sale, so you know when it’s time for your social media posts!

A customer checks back on their browser and sees only 10 minutes left until the sale ends. They’ll be more likely to buy something than if there were an hour left.

If you don’t already have one set up on your website, start one now!

If you’re unsure where to begin setting up a countdown timer or what kind of software package would work best for this purpose, then Google “countdown timers”.

There are plenty of free and paid options if needed, but most people could find something suitable without too much trouble.”

Provide free shipping for orders over a set amount

Free shipping is one of the best ways for eCommerce stores to attract new customers and encourage repeat purchases.
It’s also a great way to keep existing customers happy. But, free shipping can be expensive if you’re not careful about it. Keep these tips in mind:
  • Offer free shipping on orders over a certain amount. For example, “Free standard shipping on all orders $25+” or “Free two-day delivery on all orders $50+. ” Other ways to incentivize higher spending include offering price-matching guarantees or discounts at certain spending levels (e.g., $100 off).
  • Consider offering expedited delivery options (such as Overnight or Express) that are more expensive than standard options but offer better value for money by cutting down on delivery time (especially if you’re selling perishable goods).

Offer Buy-One-Get-One specials

BOGO sales are an excellent way to get your customers to buy more than they usually would.

For example, let’s say you’re an e-commerce store selling clothing.

You could offer a BOGO deal on select items of clothing, which would encourage people to buy many things at once instead of one.

BOGO deals can be used for food and other non-clothing products as well.

For example, if you’re selling cookies online, you could offer a 15% discount on any order over $100 if the purchaser orders two or more cookies at once instead of one box—or even better yet: three packages!

You could also use this strategy with toys or electronics like headphones or speakers, especially during Black Friday weekend, because many people don’t want to spend money on only one item, so offering buy-one get another free seems like a great deal for them!

Offer gifts with purchases purchase.

One of the most classic strategies to boost sales is to offer gifts with purchases. This works well for many reasons, but we’ll focus on three:

  • It provides an incentive for shoppers to buy more than they planned. Since the average person spends less than they plan during Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, it’s essential to sweeten the deal by offering them something else that could make their day-to-day life easier or more enjoyable.
  • Promotional codes are a great way to incentivize customers without spending too much on extra inventory (which could cost you storage fees). For example, if you’re selling something like a purse or other accessory that comes in many colours, consider offering free shipping on all colours, so shoppers don’t feel like they have to choose one option! This will also increase your ROI by encouraging customers who might not have been enticed by a coupon code (and thus wouldn’t have purchased anything) into making their first buy anyway!
  • You can leverage your existing customer base and turn them into brand ambassadors by giving away some reward when someone makes another buy within X days/months/years after purchasing something from your site before November 28th – December 1st 2022.”
Announce the sale the day before or on the day of

Announce the sale on social media, email, and all over your website.

  • Social media: Announce it on all your social media channels so people can find out about this great deal.
  • Email: Email everyone who has purchased from you and tell them about the promotion. You can also send them a reminder as the day gets closer or before Black Friday/Cyber Monday starts (so they have time to shop).
  • Website: Make sure you have a prominent “Black Friday Sale” logo or banner on your site so people know what’s coming up during those days of shopping madness. You might even consider having a countdown timer until Black Friday hits—this is another way to let customers know when they should expect the best deals!
Offer gift cards with purchases.

Offering gift cards is a great way to increase your store’s brand awareness and drive sales.

Giving customers the option to buy a gift card will give them a reason to return and share their experience with friends.

It also gives them an incentive to come back in the future and buy other products.

Put product reviews on your website.

Product reviews are a great way to show your products in action.

They can help convince customers that your product is worth the money, and they increase the chances that they’ll buy it.

You can take several different approaches:

  • You are showing people using your product. Showing how a person uses your product can be a great way to show buyers what it does and how useful it is for their needs. If you have an instructional video showing how to use the product, make sure you display it prominently on your website so that visitors can access it as soon as they land on any page with that particular item listed.
  • They showed people holding or using them in another way (such as being photographed or filmed having one). Photos of real people holding or using products tend to be more convincing than photos showing just the empty packaging itself; if possible, try taking pictures yourself so there’s no question about who owns what!
Implement budgeting to keep costs in check.

When creating your budget, ensure you have a good understanding of the costs associated with running your business.

You’ll want to understand where most of the money goes and how much revenue is coming in.

It’s essential to see what percentage of sales are spent on marketing, platform fees and so on.

This can help you forecast future growth and ensure that you’re spending enough money toward development for the business model to work out long-term.

Use digital coupons whenever possible.
Digital coupons help you increase your sales by creating an incentive for customers to buy from you.
When people shop online, they don’t always have the opportunity to use physical coupons and discount codes that may be available in stores or newspapers.
But, offering them a digital coupon code will encourage them to buy from your site because of the special deal they are getting on their purchases.
Many companies specialize in helping merchants create these types of discounts so they can pass them along without having to do any extra work themselves!
Plug-in during this season to get more traffic and sales.

Also, to the usual tactics of promoting your product with social media and email marketing, you can use a few other strategies.

  • Use a landing page. A landing page is an extension of your main website that only lives for as long as you need. You can use it to display a promotion for Black Friday or Cyber Monday, or any time you want people to visit your site from an ad campaign (or both). Landing pages increase the chance visitors will buy because they’re much less overwhelming than regular websites where customers have all kinds of options—and that also means fewer chances for customers to leave without buying anything!
That’s okay!

While you want to make a profit, the Black Friday season is also about building relationships and increasing brand awareness.

While small business owners may not have the marketing budget or website infrastructure of some big names, that’s okay!

Smaller businesses can customize strategies to fit their needs.

Remember to stay above water throughout the process and be ready for next year’s holiday shopping season too!

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