Father’s Day: Ideas for the best and most unique gifts for dad this year

Father's Day Gifts

Dads are some of the most important yet often underrated people in our lives. Sure, they may not be the first ones to get you a cake on your birthday, but when you’re down and out, who would be the first person to help you up? When you were younger, they might have been overly … Read more

Starlink: High-Speed Satellite Internet System

Starlink satellite terminal

Elon Musk’s Starlink is a high speed, low latency satellite internet service. It works by sending information through the vacuum of space. Starlink travels much faster than fibre-optic cable and can reach more people and places. While most satellite internet services today come from single geostationary satellites that orbit the planet at about 35,000km. Starlink is … Read more

iPhone 14 — Release Date, Price & New Features!

iPhone 14 Pro Max

A lot is being said about Apple’s upcoming line-up, the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro Max series. It is thought to feature larger display sizes than its predecessors. Also, This would be the first time in history that a Korean company would make an iPhone’s front-facing camera. A recent report from a Korean trade … Read more