5 Proven Ways to Drive Traffic to Your eCommerce Business

Around 75% of businesses have shifted online – more people are interested in eCommerce Business.

Increasing sales is the dream of every eCommerce Businessman.

With more Customers online shopping than ever before, sellers must do more hard work to get noticed.

In this competitive age, where 50% of sales are going to Amazon, traffic building and conversion are impossible.

Still, Many proved it wrong and paved their way to non-stop growth.

If they can do it, so can you.

Are you wondering how to increase the traffic on the eCommerce site and increase the sale?

Today, I’ll share ten eCommerce marketing tactics to get more visitors to your website—without spending a dime on advertising.

Five Ways to Drive Traffic To Your eCommerce Site (Without Paying for Ad!)

Step 1. Start a Referral Program

Starting a referral program is one of the easiest ways to drive traffic to your eCommerce site.

It is never too late to start if you do not have a referral program for your eCommerce site.

Because Leads that come from referrals convert at a 30 % higher rate than any other marketing method.

To begin with, find a referral program platform, then use these tips and tricks to drive sign-ups.

Besides, Incentivize your current consumer and followers to share their favourite products with their friends and family.

Step 2. Create a Blog

If you want traffic, Do it by Investing in a blog. This’s one of the best e-commerce tips.

Most eCommerce platforms like WooCommerce and Shopify have built-in blog templates to help you start.

Step 3. Email Marketing

Building an email list still has the power to steal the show, especially for eCommerce websites.

Old consumers spend 67% more than new consumers—and one of the good ways to bring them back is email marketing.

It should come as no surprise that building an email list is one of the most effective methods for driving traffic to your eCommerce websites.

try these Email Marketing strategies

  • Offer a small discount for users that sign up for your email list.
  • Encourage consumers to sign up.
Step 4 . Offer and Rewards Program

What is the most effective way to bring consumers back? Offer and Rewards Program!

Put a specific limit for shipping free. For example, “Free Delivery on Orders over $15” or whatever charge you prefer.

This one best works too well when you want to approach consumers to add more items to the list without forcing them.

Also, Rewarding consumers for returning and doing eCommerce business with you again is a brilliant and timeless tip and trick.

Rewards Program
source: Neil Patel
Step 5. Be Active in Social Media Marketing
Are you using social media to drive traffic to your eCommerce Business?
Because 50.64% of the world’s population use social media or internet access- According to a recent.
Also, 91 % of people read at least one review before making a buy.
Where is social media a great place to get many consumer reviews?

Best of all, many of these tips are easier to implement than you might think.