What is Google Shopping? How to Add Products to Google Shopping

Google Shopping is essential for all eCommerce retailers and is a great way to grow your business.

Google Merchant Center makes it easy to get your products online; we’ll show you how in this guide.

What is Google Shopping?

Google Shopping is a service provided by Google that allows merchants to create, manage and opt-in for products to appear in relevant shopping search results.

Google Shopping is a product listing service that enables sellers to add their products to Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs).

It’s also a paid advertising service where advertisers can bid on keywords related to their business or industry and appear in the natural listings and other relevant ads.

What is Google Merchant Center

Google Merchant Center is a tool that allows you to upload your product data to Google.

This data is used to create Google Shopping ads and to create Google Product Listing Ads (PLAs).

You can use this data to build Merchant Center feeds.

How to Set Up Google Merchant Center

Setting up Google Merchant Center and adding products is the first step in getting your items listed on Google Shopping.

If you haven’t done this yet, check out our guide on setting up a Google Merchant Center account so that you’re ready to add products later.

Once you’ve set up a GMC account, it’s time to start adding products!

Onboarding Guide

  • Sign up for Google Merchant Center.
  • Choose where your customers check out.
  • Navigate Google Merchant Center.
  • Set up free product listings.
  • Set up Buy on Google.
  • Verify and claim your store’s website.
  • Submit your product data. About feeds—file formats for product data.

Adding Products to Google Merchant Center

Once you’ve decided to sell products on Google Shopping, the next step is adding them.

You can do this by uploading a file or entering each product.

The former method is preferred if you have a large number of products.

The latter method works well if you have fewer items and want to keep your data organized using spreadsheets or CSV files.

To upload a file:

  • Click Upload new products on GSC’s homepage.
  • Click Select File and use Google Sheets or CSV import tools (Google Sheets will need that you sign in with your Google account; CSV files are not compatible with mobile devices.)

Setting up a Google Shopping Feed

You can set up a Google Shopping feed to get your products in front of shoppers.

You’ll need to add the products you want to sell on Google Shopping by uploading your product data and setting up product attributes.

  • Uploading products: You can upload new or existing inventory for products you want to add through the Merchant Center. If you haven’t already created a feed, learn how to create one here.
  • Setting up data: Once your product is uploaded, we recommend creating more line items for each variant of that product. For example, if it’s a shirt with different colours or styles (e.g., white men’s shirt vs black women’s top), then each variant should be included as a separate line item within the same CSV file so that we know which variant belongs with which parent SKU (stock keeping unit), such as T-shirt size large red versus T-shirt size small blue).
  • Setting up attributes: Attributes help us understand more about each item, like colour or style, so we can show them in search results alongside other similar items that have been given those same attributes (for example, “red” or “women’s”).
How to Link Google Adwords Ads to GMC for Shopping
  • Link your Google Adwords ads to Google Merchant Center for Shopping
  • Create a Google Merchant Center account
  • Add products to your feed.

To link your ads, open the AdWords campaign to that you want to add product information and go to the Bulk Actions menu.

Then select Manage Products. Click Edit in the top right corner of this page and select Yes, edit my products now!

You’ll be taken into GMC, where you can add each product or Bulk and upload them all at once if they’re already collected together somewhere else on your site or in an Excel spreadsheet (this is what we recommend).

ECommerce retailers need to set up their products on Google Shopping.

Making your products available in Google Shopping is a great way to increase sales, which is why we’ve created this guide to help you get started.

By setting up your products on Google Shopping, you can help drive more traffic to your website and increase sales.

It takes a few minutes to set up Google Merchant Center, but the benefits are significant.

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