10 Tips to Increase Leads for New Dropshipping Entrepreneurs

Dropshipping Entrepreneurs: Dropshipping is a form of eCommerce which allows you to sell your products without stocking them.

You can find suppliers who will ship the product directly to your customer.

This post will cover ten tips to help you get more leads and grow your dropshipping business.

Convert a new customer every time

One of the most important things you can do to increase your sales is to make sure that each new customer buys again and again.

You can do many things to increase your conversion rate, such as providing a great product at the best price, having excellent customer service, and offering free shipping for any order over $50. But not all these will be possible for every seller. Here are some ways you can help ensure that your customers come back:

  • Send them an email after they have purchased, thanking them for their business and letting them know how much it means to you (this will also help increase engagement).
  • Create an incentive program that rewards return customers with a perk or discount (again, this will increase engagement).
  • Ensure that someone checks in with the customer after making their first buy- this could be through emails or phone calls- but make sure it is done by someone who knows what they are talking about!

Make it easy for them to find you, get in touch with you and place an order.

Your website should be optimized for easy navigation and simple enough that anyone can use it.
If the site is too complicated or confusing, customers may give up trying to navigate it and leave without contacting you or purchasing anything from your store.
It’s also essential to ensure that all your contact information is accessible on your site.
This includes phone numbers, email addresses and social media handles (such as Facebook).
You don’t want potential customers spending time searching through lists of FAQs when they have questions about products or services available at your store—they should be able to get this information right away by visiting a page dedicated to helping them reach out to a representative associated with the business!

Make sure they trust you with their personal information.

  • Must that you make your customers feel safe when dealing with you, especially when they are giving out their credit card numbers. You will need to have a privacy policy on your website, which explains what happens to any of the data they provide and where it goes.
  • You should also invest in a secure website and payment system to prevent fraud through any part of the transaction process. If someone can steal other people’s information without getting caught, then there’s no sense in playing with dropshipping!
  • Ensure that all communication between yourself and the customer remains secure: don’t use insecure email addresses or instant messaging platforms for any reason whatsoever; instead, opt for encrypted emails or other modes such as Skype calls that have built-in encryption capabilities themselves (e.g., Signal).

Engage your customers on social media and make it easy for them to share your stuff

social mediaEngaging your customers on social media is a great way to connect with potential leads.
You’ll want to remind them of the products they’ve purchased or even put them on a first-name basis with you or someone in your company.
For example: “Hey [insert customer’s name here], I hope you’re enjoying the [product/service]!” Or, “Hey [customer’s name], just wanted to let you know that we are running a special today on…”
You can also ask for feedback and recommendations by using Facebook polls: “What was your experience? How did we do?”
You might also include links related to the product in question, asking people if they’d like more information about it or if they know someone else who would be interested in buying it. The possibilities are endless!

The AdWords Keyword Planner Tool can help you find the right keywords and phrases to use

The AdWords Keyword Planner Tool can help you find the right keywords and phrases to use. It’s a free tool that allows you to see which keywords are most searched for in your industry, narrowing down what products and services you should offer.

It also allows users to filter their results based on location and country, language (if applicable), device type, time of day when searches take place, and whether or not an ad will appear on Google Maps or in Google Search Results Pages (SERPs), how competitive the keyword is (i.e., how many advertisers are bidding on it) and other factors that could affect its performance if used as part of an advertising campaign.

Use relevant keywords and phrases on your landing page, title tags and meta descriptions.
AdWords Keyword
Image source: google

When writing your title tags and meta descriptions, always use the right keywords and phrases in the correct order.

It would help if you also used them in a relevant context to increase your chances of appearing on search results pages.

For example, if you’re selling a product that makes it easier to learn how to play the piano, you would want to write something like this:

“Learn how to play the piano with our easy-to-follow guide! It will teach you everything from finger positions to learning scales.”

Start a blog with valuable content and optimize it for SEO

By now, it’s no secret that blogs are a crucial part of any successful dropshipping business.

Your blog will help you establish yourself as an authority in your niche and build trust with potential customers.

But, having a blog is not enough to get traffic to it.

It would help if you optimized it for search engines so that people can find you when they’re looking for information related to what you sell on your site.

Here are some tips for optimizing your blog:

  • Keep it up-to-date! If there are too many old posts on your site’s front page, Google may consider this spammy behaviour and penalize you for it (by not ranking high enough).
  • Try adding new posts every week or two at last so that visitors don’t get bored by seeing the same thing repeatedly.
  • Use keywords in titles and meta descriptions—but don’t stuff them! Use relevant keywords when writing titles/meta descriptions but don’t go overboard because Google is pretty good at detecting keyword stuffing these days.
  • Include links within each post — not in navigation menus — which bring readers back into the body text where they can learn more about each topic covered here.

Get feedback from your customer.

Perfect Dropshipping ProductWhen you have a new dropshipping business, it’s essential to keep the relationship with your customers as close as possible.

When you ask for feedback from your customers, you get honest answers about their experience with you and your products and great leads for improving on what they like and don’t like.

This includes asking for reviews from customers who have purchased from you before (and even those who haven’t), testimonials, and referrals.

Don’t use spammy techniques to get more leads.

Stay away from misleading or underhanded tactics that could backfire or even get you into legal trouble.

Please proceed with caution when it comes to using email marketing services.

Many small businesses have found that some of these services are more trouble than they’re worth because they do not generate significant sales, and they can be expensive.

Besides, if your emails begin to look like spam, you could risk getting your business blocklisted by Outlook or Gmail, which would make your emails even less effective and more likely for people to unsubscribe from them.

There are ways to market yourself online to get higher-quality leads for less money than the traditional ads method.
You can use a few simple online marketing tactics to get more qualified leads for your dropshipping store at a much lower cost than traditional ads.
  • Social Media: Social media is an effective way to reach a large audience and is inexpensive. You can create Facebook ads, Instagram influencers, and more.
  • Blog: A blog will help you build credibility with potential customers and allow you to showcase your expertise in the industry. It’s also great for getting people excited about new products or services!
These tips will help you get more leads from your online presence, whether on a blog or social media.
Don’t forget that all these strategies take time and effort, but the more you put into marketing yourself online, the easier it will be to find customers!