Payoneer: Best Online Payments Method

Payoneer Cross the borders! A complete platform designed to meet the needs of today’s international sellers.

Get paid by any of the largest marketplaces in the world. Pay your suppliers for free and manage many stores in one place.

Get working capital to reinvest in your company and withdraw your profits.


Payoneer account holders can send and receive funds using an e-wallet. And can take these services.

  • Get Paid To Local Receiving Accounts
  • Expand Into New Marketplaces
  • Request A Payment
  • Withdraw Your Earnings
  • Pay Your VAT
  • Pay Your Suppliers
  • Connect With Payoneer Partner Ecosystem
  • Access Working Capital

Many multi-national companies such as Amazon, Google, Fiverr, and Airbnb use Payoneer as the payment method.

How to Create Payoneer Account?

Go to Payoneer to begin the Sign-Up and Earn process. (you may follow this link to register and earn a $25 bonus after receiving at least $100 in payments).

Create Payoneer Account

Moving forward, select all the options to ensure smooth account approval.

Account Requirments

  • Full Name
  • ID Card
  • Email address
  • Date of birth( Same on ID Card)
  • Full Residential Address ( Same available on ID Card)
  • Phone number (Used For Verification Purposes)
  • Bank Account Details ( Bank account with same ID Card Name)

Features at a glance


Payoneer Global payment features

It handles local and international payments and currency exchanges.

Allows you to send and receive payments in 150 currencies via bank transfer.

Plus, it doesn’t charge a fee for most types of bank transfers when both parties have accounts.

Most local bank transfers are free, but transfers in some countries might incur a 1% fee.

Funds from payments are available within Payoneer. Immediate ATM withdrawal is available with the card.

Prepaid debit card

All Payoneer account holders have the option of receiving a debit card to make payments from your account.

It also works at ATMs, though it comes with withdrawal fees for USD, EUR and GBP currencies and a $29.95 annual fee.

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